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Bling Bling

This is another fiction-piece and I thought to include it here because of the dynamic of texting (which I think can sometimes feel like a ping-pong match) and a fantasy I’d always had that Michael Jackson and Orlan were friends. … Continue reading

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When Performance is a Mirror

  Dear Yoko, Mothers don’t always ask to be Mothers and dogs scratch any old door to escape dogcatchers or their idea of dogcatchers—but here we are now; we’ve found ourselves Here. My mother has died and I need a … Continue reading

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Handshake Games

  In greeting one another there is an expectation. You put your hand out with the expectation it will be received in a reciprocal clasp. Some kind of up-down-shake is expected. They say you can learn everything about a person … Continue reading

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Potential reciprocity

Between 1933 and 1939 the Russian poet Daniil Kharms (1905-1942) wrote down thirty “Cases”. Number 19 describes the following “case”: Encounter Once a man walking to his office met another man, who just before had bought a Polish white bread and … Continue reading

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