What about reciprocity and art?

Reciprocity has become a buzz word in the art world, especially since the rise of art practices in which the public is invited to participate. Reciprocity seems to be a conditio sine qua non for these art practices, which focus on encounter. No reciprocity, no encounter, no art. But…. is reciprocity indeed a basic condition for an artistic encounter? If so, in what way?

This is a mutual blog by Caroline Picard (Chicago) and Erik Hagoort (Amsterdam), initiated together with Lori Waxman (Chicago) on the occasion of Mutualisms, a collaborative curatorial project organized by Lise Haller Baggesen and Kirsten Leenaars, that explores the ways in which networks of friendship and artistic collaboration can be used as a model for curating.

The project will involve 9 Dutch and 9 American duos, working together in pairs to create a collaborative presentation of their works. The participating artists are: (From the Netherlands) Iris Kensmil, Rune Peitersen, Marjolijn Dijkman, Jonas Ohlsson, Magnus Monfeldt, Maurice Bogaert, Carolien Stikker, Philippine Hoegen, Albert van Westing and Sakia Janssen. (From America) Carol Jackson, Selina Trepp, Trevor Gainer, Harold Mendez, Adelheid Mers, Mark Jeffrey & Judd Morrissey, Lora Lode & Kevin Kaempf and Aron Gent. The participating writers are: Caroline Picard and Erik Hagoort.

The resulting exhibition runs in September 2011 in Co-Prosperity Sphere in Chicago. The publication of the project is expected in Spring 2012.

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